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Kobo 2

Read and transfer eBooks easily to your eReader from your MacBook.
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Kobo Desktop lets you read, shop for eBooks, and transfer them easily to your eReader from your computer or laptop. All you have to do is download the Kobo Desktop software and install it on your computer.

Main Features:

- Get reading right away

Sign in to instantly access the eBooks you've already purchased and download them to your computer.
- Sync with your Kobo eReader

Easily transfer your books from Kobo Desktop to your Kobo eReader.
- Customized Readability

Customize font style and size, alignment and margins. Even choose from three great reading themes to suit how you like to read.
- Automatic Bookmarking

Pick up reading right where you left off! Plus, your bookmarks follow you no matter how you use Kobo to read — switch seamlessly between computer, smartphone, tablet, or eReader.
- Easier Shopping

Use the integrated Kobo Store to make shopping and downloading eBooks a breeze.

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