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Yip Hung Ho
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Please read the introduction and notice, thanks...
KnockOutMarble is a marble collision simulation game that the goal of players is to use their marbles to knock opponent's marbles out of the board. Now there are 18 maps for players to choose, the opponent can be computer AI or other players (at the same computer).
The game includes the followings:
-Random colour marbles-
The colour of each marble is set randomly when a new game starts or resets.
-Objects other than marbles...-
Besides marbles, some maps may include other objects such as fixed marbles and traps which have different effects or functions to interact with marbles.
-VS Comp-
Players can play with computer AI. Player and computer shoots marbles round by round. To win the computer AI, players need to knock all computer marbles out of the board. This mode includes 2 difficulties for players to choose: Easy and Hard. In Hard, the speed of marbles of computer is higher.
Players can play with other players in the same computer. In this mode 2 Players shoot marbles round by round.
-"Save CPU" option-
For players in VS Comp to choose between saving CPU time and speeding up the game round.
The app also contains some splash animations to make the game funny.
The "Help" in the app includes more detailed information about the game modes and operation of this game.
Hope you enjoy the game!
Settings and scores recorded from v1.0 should be reset in this version. If they are not reset users may need to reset them manually (How to reset : In "Options" click "Reset Game Data").
The developer is not responsible for any consequences or loss due to this app. The game developer reserves the right of removing this game from app store, updating, stop supporting and stop updating this game at any time. All rights reserved.

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