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Free Kakuro Epic lets you solve Kakuro puzzles on your Mac.
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Kakuro Epic lets you solve Kakuro puzzles on your Mac. Kakuro is a great and challenging brain-teaser game. I would define it as a mix of Sudoku and crosswords. In a Kakuro puzzle, you need to use logic to solve a puzzle with a set of instructions. Deep down, this is a mathematical puzzle. On the board, you will see cells that have a number written on them. These are the results of the sums of the numbers that will be placed there vertically or horizontally. All the numbers that you add to the board should meet those results. This may sound easy at first, but it gets really hard when you need to enter numbers in 5 or 6 rows for a single sum. The only limitation that the game establishes is that you can't repeat a number in each row or column. This is one of those games that you play to understand. I will just give you one example to illustrate how the game is played. On one of the puzzles that I played, on the top left part of the puzzle, I had to add numbers that resulted in a 9 horizontally and a 12 vertically. So, if you thought you could add a 6 and a 3 and then just add another 6 below the first 6 to make that a 12, you would be wrong, because you would be repeating the 6. The solution would be to use 5 and 4 and then just add a 7 below the 5. Just imagine having to match 8 different numbers to make a 33, for example. It gets really challenging. I am not really fast apparently. It took me 10 minutes to complete my first Kakuro puzzle in the easiest difficulty. I should admit that I had never played the game. But I loved it. It is a great game to let your brain exercise for a bit.

Kakuro Epic shows you possible number combinations, you can mark possible answers yourself and you can have the app solve the puzzle for you. In short, if you are a fan of logic games, Kakuro Epic is a game you should try.

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Frankly, the one of the most difficult ones. You' ve got to think and think.

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