JumpBox for Dimdim Web Conferencing 1.1

Virtual appliance.
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A JumpBox is a self-contained, virtualized instance of an application that will run on any operating system or computing environment. The primary benefits afforded by running an application in this fashion are: Expedited deployment - sets up in minutes instead of days Reduced maintenance - new versions carry updates to each component in the software stack Simplified management - web-based admin tools obviate the need to know the underlying technologies Portability - the instance can be launched on a desktop, moved to a server and then to the cloud The JumpBox for Dimdim lets you host online meetings complete with video conferencing, digital whiteboard collaboration, screen sharing and "co-browsing" to navigate the web with others in real-time. Dimdim is an open source, multi-platform, videoconferencing and screen sharing solution. Hold online meetings, solve tech-support issues, co-edit documents and give presentations remotely. Dimdim offers an open API and integrates with other JumpBox applications like SugarCRM and Moodle providing instant web conferencing for those applications.
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This is a maintenance release. The included version of the application has not changed.



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