JSON Accelerator

JSON Accelerator 1.1

Convert JSON strings to Objective C classes.
Get JSON strings and generate Objective-C, Java, or Python classes. Create native code from web services and verify it, grab JSON data from URL or local files. Use different types of HTTP requests like GET or POST to change HTTP headers and work with multiple web APIs.

JSON Accelerator helps developers from all programming language persuasions get data, verify it, and write model objects. It's complexity, simplified. Get in, get out - nice and neat.
JSON Accelerator is the first lab-equipment tool developed by The Nerdery specifically for its own and other programmers. Made by developers/for developers who prefer not to mess around, JSON Accelerator consumes web services and creates native code; stable, reliable output in three clicks.
What does it do? Writes Objective-C, Java or Python model objects, fast. Consumes and validates JSON. Fetches JSON from URL or local files. Modifies HTTP headers using GET or POST to work with several web APIs. NSCoding compliant in Objective-C models. Note: This application uses the address book for the first name, last name, and company information when filling out the comment block at the top of the Objective-C files.

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