FOR neXtSoft Jigsaw 3.1

Free Join files, split with the Windows Master Splitter program, on your Mac.
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Split and merge binary files. Generate, verify, and fix PAR2 files. Make multiple checksum files for Windows users and split files of any HFS+ legal size to make them compatible with the Master Splitter software. Extract RAR file archives, concatenate unrelated files, and view joined media files.

JigSaw is a binary splitter and joiner. It also verifies and repairs PAR2. You can create PAR2 sets as well.
It creates a checksum file and a batch file for windows users, thus maintaining compatibility with Master Splitter. Split files of any HFS legal size(Master splitter compatible). Join split files of any HFS legal size, including detection of missing parts.
Create PAR2 volumes. Verify/Repair files using PAR/PAR2. Concat multiple unrelated files.



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