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Brand new and creative Jigsaw puzzle which not only supports free creation of classic super large picture (over 6000 pieces)...
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Jigsaw Space is a brand new and creative Jigsaw puzzle which not only supports free creation of classic super large picture (over 6000 pieces), but also provides with the ability of create special style, through the template offered in the game, you can choose whatever styles you like. The diversified choices make the game more challenging, playable and interesting.
Creative design of operation mode, allowing you to experience almost real Jigsaw puzzle playing, all actions like moving, rotating and joining are exactly the same as real, and it is very simple to operation.
We will renew the skin, icons, backgrounds, style templates and sound effects etc. periodically enabling you to enjoy more fun of games on long-term basis.
Game features
1. Manage your jigsaw puzzles by album.
2. Through setting of skin, icons, backgrounds, and sound effects, customize your own game environment.
3. Along with the Jigsaw puzzle create function, you can use your own photos to create unique Jigsaw pictures, allowing you to enjoy as much joy as possible.
4. The piece number of puzzle varies from 4 to 6400, tailor the game difficulty freely.
5. Through the Jigsaw templates, Jigsaw puzzle of different styles can be created, liberate your works from traditional style. These templates will be renewed periodically in the future.
6. Import & export of Jigsaw puzzle and game save, Share with others whenever and wherever.
7. Through choosing the rotating modes(fixed, rotating at 90 degrees or any angle), you may experience varied difficulties of the game.
8. Move and rotate jigsaw pieces as you want free from limitations, restore the true entertainment experience of reality.
9. Game view can be moved and zoomed (30%~100%) freely, offering convenience for your observation of every detail.
10. Originate the brand new multi-desktops and double-views display functions, support to place the pieces in multi-desktops and views, making you vision clear and direct.
11. Video instruction along the whole process, allowing you to master the game operation in the shortest time.

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