Jigsaw Puzzle Maker - Create and Play your own jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker - Create and Play your own jigsaw puzzles 1.6

A large collection of various jigsaw puzzles.
1.6 (See all)
Puzzle World Games Inc.
Access and play jigsaw puzzles in a streamlined digital interface. Browse the collection and select the puzzle variations you are interested in, enter the digital playing field, and manage separate pieces to create a complete picture. Save and restore the current puzzle state.

The Ultimate Pack for jigsaw fans. CREATE, PLAY and share beautiful jigsaw puzzles. RELAX and enjoy the process. Perfect your visual MEMORY. Become the BEST jigsaw player in your area!
- Choose puzzle image from over 4000 photos and illustrations
- Apply one of 120+ different puzzle cuts with classic and custom shapes.
- Choose from 6 to 1900 piece puzzles
- Use your own pictures
=== RELAX and ENJOY ===
- Download beautiful photos and pictures
- Choose from 100+ collections like Nature, Delicious, Classic Art, Travel and more
- Tune into relaxing and inspirational background music. 80+ additional background music tracks
- Get rewarded with Ambient and relaxing sounds
- Customize your game board
- Track your progress with game statistics (time played, pieces and puzzles completed, game speed)
- Measure your average game speed
- Compare your results with other players
- Turn on Rotation for increased game difficulty
- Turn off image and puzzle shape preview for harder puzzles
- Use EDGES helper for a quick start - shows you only border pieces
- Zoom and scroll around large game board. Adjust game board and lock it.
- Use Panel to find and drag pieces faster. Choose from horizontal and vertical, resize it for your convenience
=== SHARE ===
- Share your completed puzzles on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail
We are committed to making the best digital jigsaw puzzle experience. Please email us your comments and suggestions to support@pwgames.co or visit our support page - http://pwgames.uservoice.com
Special Thanks to our friend and fan of jigsaw Bob Sadler for his feedback and help!

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