Jets'n'Guns Gold

Jets'n'Guns Gold 1.223

A side-scrolling space shooter providing over 40 levels.
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1.223 (See all)
A space shooter that provides more than 40 game levels, an array of various spaceships to choose from and over 70 types of weapons to equip in the war against the dangerous evil overlord. Your goal is to save the universe from a threat of over 270 monsters.

Jets'n'Guns Gold is a heavy piece of ground shaking, rock blasting action with graphics and special effects that will blow your mind! Save the universe from a deadly threat of more than 270 unique monsters in a campaign of 43 levels! Choose from a devastating armament and stand one-against-all!
- Game resolution raised to 800x600!
- More space! More enemies on the screen! More items on the list in the shops making everything more comfortable.
- Length of the game is doubled!.
- 21 new levels.
- 7 new customizable ships.
- 17 new weapons.
- 70 new enemies.
- Over 270 unique enemies, including 16 evil bosses.
- Secret levels, items and ships.
- Briefing texts replaced with comics screens.
- New music from your favorite band.
- Medals and ranks.

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