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Japanese FlashCards 2.6

Japanese FlashCards is a Japanese vocabulary learning tool.

Japanese FlashCards is a Japanese vocabulary learning tool. It was designed to help you learn new words, their meaning and even pronunciation in Japanese. The app comes with some 6400 different words and phrases. It sounds like they are pronounced by a native speaker, but I can't really be sure since I don't speak Japanese.

The application has four main modes that help you learn new words. Those modes are Words, Meaning, Grid and Listening. As I mentioned before, the software comes with a list of words, but you can load wordfiles that you can download from Declan's website and even create your own, which you can later share with other users.

The Word mode shows you a Japanese word and you have to click on the right English word. After a round of 10 words (in the trial version), you are shown the number of correct answers. Meaning is very similar to the Word mode: you are shown a word and select its meaning from a list of possible meanings. Grid is a mode that displays a word in English and you have to fill the grid with the right Japanese character/s. In the Listening mode, you hear a word in Japanese and have to click on the right word in English.

In all of the modes, when you get a correct answer, you automatically advance to the following word on the list. If you get a wrong answer, the application will show you the correct word before you advance.

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