Jane's Hotel: Family Hero

Satisfy the needs of your guests in the hotel and make them leave good tips.
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Jane's Hotel: Family Hero is a time-management game where you own a hotel chain. Your job will be to provide the guests with whatever they need in order to ensure a pleasant stay and make them leave good tips. The first thing to do is to give the guests a key to a room. Then, they may request room service, drinks and so on. The services will increase as you play the game, so the game will get more and more challenging. Things in your hotel may break, so you will need to call the porter to fix them. Porters and maids will do a great number of tasks and what you must do is to indicate the task and take them to the corresponding places.

On every level, you will have a money goal that you need to achieve in order to proceed to the next level. You can also surpass that goal, so you will earn more money. With the money you obtain, you will be able to improve the hotel facilities and even upgrade your hotels. After each level, you will be able to decide what you want to do with your money. Sadly, the game is unoriginal and offers very simple graphics and sounds. Moreover, there is only one mode and the music is suitable, but very repetitive.

To sum up, Jane's Hotel - Family Hero is just a simple time-management game with a hotel theme which doesn't offer anything really original, but it still may work for you.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Nice theme


  • Unoriginal
  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Repetitive music
  • Only one mode



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