Jambalaya 1.2

JambaLaya is an AU host designed for live performance.
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JambaLaya is an AU host designed for live performance. Size the rainbow colored bars to set up keyboard splits and layers. Eight mixer channels can take either audio input or virtual instrument as the sound source and provide four insert effects. This allows guitar and bass players to jack in and take advantage of great amp emulations. JambaLaya also supports external hardware synthesizers by sending MIDI patch change information when switching songs, putting your virtual instruments and legacy hardware on an equal footing in your rig. Songs can be arranged into sets by dragging.

Main Features:

- Keyboard mapping is easy. Just drag the ends of the colored range bars to specify a range.
- Eight channel mixer with full audio and MIDI routing, 4 effects inserts, and MIDI learn feature for external control of volume, mute, and solo buttons.
- Easy rechanneling and filtering of MIDI data. Transpose notes, generate octaves and fifths for fatter parts.
- Arrange songs into set lists. External MIDI devices are supported just like Virtual Instruments - MIDI patches are remembered and program change commands are sent when switching songs.

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