iTunes Dupes Barrier

iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.2

It finds and sends to Trash duplicated songs within your iTunes libraries.

iTunes Dupes Barrier is an application that provides you with a simple solution for finding and deleting duplicated songs from your iTunes libraries and iPod. By doing so, you get rid of unnecessary tunes within your playlists and reclaim space on your drives or media devices.

After you select the scanning location (iTunes library or iPod), you can enable one or more scan filters (Song Name, Artist Name, Album, and File Size) or look for dead tracks (files that have been moved to other folder location). The app communicates well with the iTunes tool and immediately delivers its results.

A good thing about working with iTunes Dupes Barrier is the fact that it can create playlists containing the found duplicates.

Still, as you can read from the homepage of the program, this app was designed to do searches of duplicate songs in an average-sized iTunes' library, not a large one. The developer even suggests you to try a different application in case you're dealing with huge libraries (probably because the app isn't capable yet of scanning large databases).

Other disadvantages of this tool is the fact that it offers a small number of scan filters.

To summarize, iTunes Dupes Barrier is a simple yet efficient program that helps you eliminate any duplicated songs from your iTunes libraries and iPod. However, my belief is that you should think twice before acquiring the app mostly because of the aforementioned flaws.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast scanning speed
  • It offers you an option to create playlists with the found items


  • It's recommended only for scanning average-size iTunes libraries
  • Offers a small amount of scan filters
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