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itDJ comes fully loaded with the right set of tools to keep your beats lined up.
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itDJ comes fully loaded with the right set of tools to keep your beats lined up. Automatic beat detection finds the beats per minute (BPM) of nearly every track you own and, using the sync feature, you can slow or speed playback to make perfect cross fades from one track to the next. Pitch lock even prevents distortion from the original audio pitch. Quantized playback synchronization means that when you hit the play button on a synced track, the not only will the tempos match, but the beats will be lined up too. Revolutionary Sound Effects. Each track in itDJ plays on its own jog dial that you control. Behind the jog dial, itDJ revolutionizes audio sound effects by applying powerful multi-effect grids and beat remixers to each track individually. Dial in effects such as bit crush, wah-wah, flanger, delay and reverb in an interactive 2D grid. Use the beat remixer panel and a new, unique rhythm to be combined with the rest of your mix. Auto DJ. Listen to your playlists better than ever before with itDJ's Auto Queue feature. Simply queue up your tracks then let itDJ handle the rest. The Auto Queue detects to the volume levels at the start and end of your tracks, then as one track is ending it loads up the next and perfectly cross fades into it to keep the party hopping. Easy for Beginners. With itDJ's intuitive controls, preloaded beat pads and instant iTunes integration you'll feel and sound like a professional DJ the moment you start up the app. The jog dials (turn tables) even function and sound like the real deal and the visual waveforms allow you to navigate to the right spot in any song. Powerful for Professionals. Behind the gorgeous user interface of itDJ is a seriously powerful backend that's loaded with support for external DJ hardware and much more. With mic-in support, loops, cues and recording, itDJ has all the features that professionals expect and need to DJ a live show or broadcast their own radio station.

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