IPSecuritas 4.9

Creates and configures VPN online connections.
Connect to the Internet through a Virtual Private Network by setting up required parameters and customizing protections measures. The utility supports various IPSec compliant firewalls ensuring safety against unwarranted access and malicious software.

IPSecuritas is intended to help you enjoy a more private and secure connection to the Internet. It is an IPSec client that helps you transfer your data through a VPN with ease. IPSec, which stands for Internet Protocol Security, authenticates and encrypts data between your computer and the outside word.

It has a straightforward interface; however, setting a connection may be somewhat hard if you are not very skilled. The good thing is that you do not need to configure your connections anew all the time, as the application lets you create profiles and switch between them according to your needs.

IPSecuritas supports any IPSec-compliant firewall, which guarantees that it works on practically any type of network, including public WLAN. In this respect, it interoperates with long list of VPN devices, including those manufactured by Cisco, Netgear, Zyxel and others.

Fortunately, the tool can adjust IPSec settings when a known network is detected without the need to intervene. What is more, there is also the Stay-connected mode, which ensures that your connections are not dropped when there is a change of network. It is good news that IPSecuritas can automatically configure clients. Finally, IPSecuritas is said to be the only free IPSec client that supports the IPv6 protocol.

All in all, IPSecuritas is a great solution for connecting to the Internet more privately and securely. It is widely compatible with multiple protocols and hardware. Luckily, it is absolutely free, even when donations are encouraged. Unfortunately, crashes on older macOS versions have been reported.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates reusable connection profiles
  • Supports any IPSec-compliant firewall
  • Interoperates with long list of VPN devices
  • Adjust IPSec settings to known networks automatically
  • Supports IPv6 protocol
  • Automatically configures clients


  • May crash on older macOS versions
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