iProjectFree 1.4

iProjectFree allows you to manage complex programs and project tasks.
1.4.16 (See all)

iProjectFree is a Mac application that makes capturing and managing complex program and project tasks, and deliverable lists easy.
Main features:
- Unlimited hierarchy of folders and documents.
- Visually track status.
- Supports the use of formatted text, tables and images (images will not be visible on an iPad running iOS6).
- Drag and Drop folders and documents to move them around.
- Copy and Paste between files and to/from other applications.
- Keyboard shortcuts to support rapid data entry.
- Duplicate individual document and/or entire folder structures.
- Export in different formats, including DOC, HTML, RTFD.
- Create and edit documents on the Mac or iPad.
- Store documents locally or in iCloud.
- Sharing and Text-to-Speech support.

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