IPNetMonitorX 2.6

IPNetMonitorX is an easy-to-use network and Internet troubleshooting tool.
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IPNetMonitorX is a useful Mac application that provides you with a large collection of tools that can come in handy for network and Internet troubleshooting. If you are a network administrator or you want to resolve Internet service problems, then you might enjoy this piece of software.

Not only that IPNetMonitorX provides you with twenty three integrated tools, but it also offers you fast access to each of them. After launching this application, you will be greeted by a small and simple interface from where you can launch any of the available tools with just a click of a mouse.

You can use IPNetMonitorX in order to scan IP addresses and AirPort signals, execute DNS Lookups and Finger tasks, ping any desired address to check if the server is online or not and many more with very little effort.

In addition, you can easily set IPNetMonitorX to send email notifications to any desired address simply by accessing the "Preferences" menu.

All in all, IPNetMonitorX is an easy-to-use Mac application that is worth trying if you want to resolve network and Internet problems with the help of a large collection of tools.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Fast access to all the tools
  • Large collection of tools
  • Very easy to use


  • The interface of the program is not well organized
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