iPhoto to OmniGraffle Album Export 1.0

Free plugin for Apple iPhoto
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Installation instructions:The plugin should unpack itself after it is done downloading. If you should see a folder named "GraffleExport.iPhotoExporter" selected in the Finder, skip the next stepDouble-click on the file "GraffleExport-1.0.tar.gz" in your downloads folder (normally your desktop). If you then see a file named "GraffleExport-1.0.tar" double-click on it, as well. You should now see a folder named "GraffleExport.iPhotoExporter"Create a new window in the Finder by hitting Command-N. Find your iPhoto application; usually it will be in the Applications folder. Control-click on the iPhoto icon and select "Show Package Contents". You'll see a new folder window with "Contents" in it. Double-click on "Contents" to open itDrag the "GraffleExport.iPhotoExporter" into the "PlugIns" folder that was inside the "Contents" folderRestart iPhoto. Select some photos, and choose "File->Export..." Click on the "OmniGraffle" tab, and you can now export your photos to an album in OmniGraffle!



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