InerziaTimer 2.0

A smart tool that provides an alarm clock, a countdown timer and a chronometer.
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InerziaTimer is a small application that provides you with an alarm clock, a countdown timer and a chronometer. You are able to set the countdown timer from one second to 24 hours.
With the chronometer you are able to take "lap times", meaning you can save the time for different periods without stopping the chronometer. This chronometer can also be paused and started from moment of time it was stopped. InerziaTimer allows you to save on your Mac the times taken with the chronometer.

You cannot use the countdown timer and the chronometer simultaneously, but you can use them at the same time with the alarm clock. Both the countdown timer and the alarm clock share the same alarm sound. You are able to choose from different alarms that InerziaTimer provides. Additionally, you can define the time period between the sounds. This program also allows you to choose an audio file from your computer to use it as an alarm. Another significant aspect of this application is that it can be set up to post a message on your desktop every time the alarm starts.

All three features are included in the interface, and in order to switch between them, you just need to click the button from the interface.

In conclusion, InerziaTimer is a great application that proves to be very helpful and successfully replaces a real chronometer or an alarm clock.

Abbie Crang
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  • Can use the countdown or the chronometer at the same time with the alarm clock,
  • Can use an audio file from your make as an alarm sound,
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Very low CPU usage


  • None
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