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Chimoo Timer is a tool that helps you count down the time.
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Chimoo Timer is a simple Mac application that helps you count down the time that you have to spend until you should take a break or do something else. Also, with the help of this application you are able to start the clock and stop it whenever you finish the task that you are supposed to do, so you will know exactly how much time it takes you to finish that job.

Whenever the time expires, Chimoo Timer alerts you with a vocal message. You are able to change this message according to what exactly you want this software to announce you when the countdown is finished. Moreover, this piece of software will notify you every second until your time runs out, starting with 10 seconds. Furthermore, you are able to set Chimoo Timer to open a program for you at that specified time.

Another great feature that Chimoo Timer provides with is that it allows you to change the clock display. You are able to change it as you like by choosing from the 3 forms: HH:MM:SS, natural language and seconds only.

To sum it all up, Chimoo Timer is a simple alarm clock that helps you remember about tasks of any kind.

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