Imaging Suite 8.64

All-in-one toolbox to build and deploy images.
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The Imaging Suite's modular approach to imaging makes building multiple images easy by building configurations from a library of custom packages. Utilizing the same set of operating system and application packages to create multiple configurations ensures that each configuration is made up of identical components.
Most imaging utilities are based on a monolithic approach in which administrators build one base image that includes every element for every machine. The base image is then copied and adjusted to accommodate each configuration required by the network. This approach results in many large, monolithic images that require both storage and maintenance.
The Imaging Suite's package-based approach to imaging reduces storage requirements, tracks changes, ensures consistency across the organization, and eliminates post-imaging activities. Key Features Package-Based Imaging Create Custom OS Packages from Installer Disk Universal Binary for Mac OS X Organize Packages into Configurations Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface Smart Configurations Package Swapping Based on the Processor Deploy Adobe CS3 and CS4 Natively Set Computer Name Fix ByHost files Set Computer Specific Network Settings Run Scripts Add Printers Automated Directory Binding for Active Directory, Open Directory, Likewise, ADmitMac, and Centrify Set Open Firmware/EFI Password Compile Configurations for Block Copy Imaging Automate Drive Partitioning Image Multiple Partitions using Configurations Automated Deployment of Boot Camp Images NetBoot Integration Multicast Imaging Options (Resource Kit) Automated Generation of Restore Partition Key Differentiators Fully-Supported, Actively-Developed Commercial Software Post-Fix Automation Modular Creation Bind to Active Directory, Open Directory, Likewise, ADmitMac and Centrify Automated Drive Partitioning Automated Deployment of Boot Camp Images
Available in both Enterprise and Education/Nonprofit editions.
What's new in this version:
A REST API has been added to the JSS. This allows developers to write programs that create, read, update, and delete data in the JSS.Casper Admin now has a packages option that tells Casper Imaging to install the package at the first reboot for packages that can only be installed to the boot volume.

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