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Easy to use, yet incredibly powerful product for digital imaging enhancement.
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Image Dream is an easy to use, yet incredibly powerful product for digital imaging enhancement. It comes loaded with neat, real-world tools. You get brushes that flex on screen, pencils to draw, erasers, and much more.
Not only is Image Dream a lot of fun, it is downright useful-maybe even essential. Newlyweds can repair priceless photos by correcting overexposed and underexposed shots. Real-estate brokers can clean up houses or make unsightly lawn furniture disappear. Business professionals can eliminate under-eye circles for executive shots. Teens can wipe out acne at a stroke. And Novice photographers can lighten sunsets, brighten basement photos and wipe out red eye and glare from flash photos. And families can restore cracked and yellowed heirloom photos.
With Image Dream, your well-scrubbed photos become the stars of the show. The program gives you all kinds of new ways to use your photographs. You can create layouts for professional looking invitations, greeting cards, calendars, flyers and much more. Add gorgeous backgrounds or text that hovers above your image - even hand drawn cartoons.
Everything's included - even clip photos, calendar sheets and backgrounds!

Creative tools let you work quickly and intuitively
+ Explore your creative side with neat, real-world tools
+ Revolutionary animated brushes, pencils, erasers, and more
+ Enjoy smooth zooming and quick, intuitive editing
+ Enhance your image with custom-made clip art from the Image Dream library
Turn marginal photos into prizewinners
+ Magically heal scars, remove blemishes and whisk away stray hairs like a pro.
+ Add stunning special effects.
+ Correct red eye, scratches, and fading
+ Remove date stamps
+ Clone images for unique effects
Make standout prints, posters, and collages in a snap
+ Create professional-quality invitations, greeting cards, collages and calendars
+ Share and print your images easily with the powerful integrated printer support
The power of organization, too
+ Sorts, categorizes, and stores pictures in convenient digital albums for easy reference
+ All your digital photos are always at your fingertips
Get images from anywhere
+ Get your photos from a camera to your computer in just a few clicks.
+ Supports TWAIN compliant scanners
+ Supports OS X compliant scanners and DSLR digital cameras
+ Over 100 supported image formats, including RAW formats from almost all DSLR digital cameras (including: Canon, Casio, Fuji, Hasselblad, Kodak, Leica, Minolta, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Rollei, Sony)
Way cool, way easy
+ Simple control with neat, real-world tools
+ Uses latest OS X technologies such as full-screen mode, 64-Bit, OpenGL, fully sandboxed
+ Over 5,000 Clip Arts, Edges and Backgrounds included

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