iLove Screen Lock 2.0

Lock your screen so prying eyes can't see your desktop while you are away.
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iLove Screen Loc‪k is a simple application that locks your screen so prying eyes can't see your desktop while you are away. With just one click of your mouse or a handy hotkey you can hide the view of your desktop to make it inaccessible to unauthorized users.

The tool's representation on the screen is minimalist, unobtrusive, and quite attractive. It resembles a curtain accessory, which, once pressed, covers the view of your desktop with a picture of your choice. The same operation can be enabled from the menu bar or with the Command+L hotkey. From Preferences, you can set the app to open at login, show the time on the locked screen, enable a fade in/out effect if desired, and select a favorite image as curtain for the hidden screen. The password for unlocking the desktop can be changed at any moment, simply by typing in the old password and entering the new one.

To make things short, iLove Screen Loc‪k must not be taken as a screensaver or considered a strong security tool for system data protection. It just offers an easy solution to hide the view of your desktop so nobody can see or access your personal data while you are away from the computer.

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  • Locks screen instantly
  • Can set a favorite picture for the locked screen
  • Shows system clock on the locked screen
  • Can enable fade in/out screen locking effect


  • Has a not-so-strong password encryption
  • Doesn't support a custom locking screen hotkey



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