iDefrag 5.3

Defragment your disk drives and increase your system's performance.

iDefrag is an application that allows users to defragment their disks. It does this by employing four different algorithms, as well as a friendly and simple to use interface. Over time, installing and uninstalling applications leads to cluttering up the file system, with fewer contiguous zones available. With iDefrag, you will be able to rearrange data on drives in order to effectively increase your overall system's speed and performance.

The utility will first analyze the file system and display all clusters in its Layout tab. You can view all the data color coded as fragmented, volume headers, bad blocks, allocation files, catalog files, journals, swap files, applications and more. The Statistics tab shows fragmentation details on the contents of the selected volume and directory. iDefrag detects the most fragmented files on the volume and provides their associate number of blocks, file ID and path. An important feature is the ability to defragment individual files. This way you can quickly speed up certain applications or games.

iDefrag is a powerful tool that should appeal to all users looking to fast and effective defragmentation solution.

Rory Shaffer
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