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iData is a flexible, easy to use, freeform text database for the Macintosh and iPhone.
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iData is a flexible, easy to use, freeform text database for the Macintosh and iPhone. Like its Mac predecessors -- QuickDEX, and InfoGenie -- iData is an excellent way to have miscellaneous information at your fingertips. The fast-find and select features allow you to find things quickly whether it is freeform text or fields. You structure the database the way you want it. Extensive import functions allow you to bring in your existing information from a variety of sources.

Do you find yourself writing notes on a napkin in a restaurant, or on the back of an envelope? Using iData instead will allow you to find those notes easily in the future. Or, perhaps you have important information that would be useful to have at your fingertips wherever you go. Whether it is a collection of instructions for processes used in your profession, or an inventory of your DVD collection, iData Mobile is a great place to keep them.

A few examples are: a collection of great quotations, patient records, a collection of song lyrics, Web page bookmarks with notes to help identify them, descriptions and information on various plant or animal species, collection inventories, important text messages, email archives, the Messier Objects or NGC list for amateur astronomers, detailed descriptions of drugs, tap drill sizes, club rosters, shopping lists, to do lists, country code abbreviations, state or province abbreviations, knitting needle sizes you already have, and there are many more possibilities.



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