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Back up and copy your media data to iTunes.
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Transfer audio and video files, playlists and images from your iPod, iPhone and iPad onto your Mac. Organize files by categories, sort music tracks by name, size, time, artist, album, genre, and rating, and import them into iTunes directly or copy into a selected folder on your Mac.

iCopyBot is a content transfer utility for the Mac. It can be used to transfer music, movies, playlists and photos from your iPod, iPhone and iPad onto your Mac. The content can be copied to a folder on your Mac or imported into iTunes directly, which saves a lot of time when backing up data of your devices.

The main window consists of two panes and a toolbar at the top. The pane on the left shows your connected devices, and under their name all the content categories (music, movies, etc).The right pane shows all the content categories. If you click on Music all your songs will be displayed on the right. Songs can be sorted by name, size, time, artist, album, genre, rating, and play count. To transfer a song, simply select it by clicking the box next to it and choose one of the two transfer methods: to a folder or to iTunes.

In my testing, I was able to transfer content without any problems from an old iPod 5G. However, the application returned several errors when simply navigating the interface. Whenever I clicked on a song, an error saying that the image type jpeg was not supported popped up. When I tried to sort songs by album, I got a huge debug alert at first, but after I cancelled everything worked fine.

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  • It supports a lot of Apple devices
  • It worked fine


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