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Intego Backup Manager Pro 1.6

Intego Backup Manager Pro is a handy tool for synchronizing and backing up data.
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Intego Backup Manager Pro is a handy tool designed to protect data stored on your Mac by making copies. It comes with great functionality and applicability, as it allows Mac users to backup and sync various data and information. The interface is nicely split into two main sections, which allow the users to select the source for stored data that needs backing up and the location in which the backup copies will be stored. The manager can be used in two modes: manual and automatic, and provides several features to choose from: schedule, preparation, exception and bootable back-up options. The schedule menu allows the users to set up automatic backup of data. The exception menu provides settings that will be used when backing up data, and the users are allowed to choose what files will be backed up.

This feature-rich program also provides a sync tool, which allows the users to synchronize settings, data and information between two folders on Mac and a mobile device. Like the backup menu, the sync one requires for the users to set up a source for stored data and destination folder for the synchronization.

Briefly, Intego Backup Manager Pro is an easy-to-use tool for synchronizing and backing up valuable data and information.

Dave Hattey
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  • Well-polished interface
  • Easy-to-use menu that will grant Mac users quick access to all of the features
  • Large applicability


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