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Icon Builder 5.2

Helps size icons for iPad, iPhone, and Mac application bundles.
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Do you create apps for iPad, iPhone or Mac? Are you tired of having to make so many different images every time you make a new app or change the icon? The images have to be exact sizes and with Xcode 5+ they have to be installed into your Assets library in the correct locations. But you don't want to have to work all that out for every app and every icon change. Why not let Icon Builder do all the boring stuff? Icon Builder will create all the image files at the correct size depending on the selected device family and minimum system version. These will be saved to an appiconset folder and installed into the Images.xcassets of your Xcode project. The larger images needed for App Store submission are saved to an "iTunes Artwork images" folder in your project directory. A ReadMe file in your project directory contains further information.
What's new in this version:
Icons for Apple Watch apps now have their alpha channel removed.
Tidied up folder structure for related files (iTunes Artwork and ReadMe).
Updated to work with Xcode 7's Assets.xcassets folders.
Now creates iPad Pro icons for Xcode 7.2 or later.
Fix for Retina Macs creating double-sized images.

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