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Provides a graphical user interface to test web APIs.
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Hypernap is intended to test APIs (application programming interface), which are generally used to allow applications to share data via connections. Therefore, APIs are very popular among programmers to take advantage of available web services. A very frequent way to do so is by sending HTTP requests. However, most API testing tasks are done via the command line.

Thus, the best merit of Hypernap is providing a graphical user interface that saves you from memorizing and typing commands. Fortunately, it is quite unobtrusive and can be hidden to make more room for other tasks. Moreover, the application allows you to establish connections using various URLs and passing other necessary parameters, such as authentication data. Luckily, the connections you make can be organized in various folders so that you can easily find them when you need them. What is more, a given connection can be added to a folder by a simple drag-and-drop operation.

The results of the connections you make can be viewed in three different ways. For instance, it is possible to view all the headers received. Similarly, you can explore the response body of the request. Finally, there is another view that shows the outline of JSON and XML files.

To conclude, Hypernap is a handy solution for testing web APIs as it provides different ways to try HTTP headers from a graphical user interface. However, it may not be the best tool of its type, particularly due to graphical design flaws as well as the impossibility of synchronizing your activity with other members of a team. Yet, it has a much more affordable price than any other alternative.

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  • Provides a graphical user interface to test web APIs
  • Three different views
  • Unobtrusive interface
  • Allows organizing connections
  • Affordable price


  • Interface with design problems
  • Cannot synchronize your connections with other users


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