HTTPScoop 1.4

Capture HTTP conversations regardless of the browser or server technology use.
1.4.3 (See all)
Tuffcode Ltd

HTTP Scoop passively listens for HTTP requests from any browser (or other application for that matter) running on your Mac.
If you're running a web server or an application server on your machine then you will see requests going to that too.
You can view request or response data as text or in a hex dump, view images from within the app and save responses to disk. Through the Headers view, you can see cookie exchanges and analyse cache behaviour.
There's no special configuration needed, no cumbersome proxies required. You just hit the Scoop button and off you go!
HTTP Scoop allows you to quickly diagnose problems with your application without wading through log files or adding in extra debugging code.
You can view POST data or request parameters side-by-side with the server's response.
XML and HTML syntax highlighting means that your eye is quickly drawn to the important aspects of the data passing back and forth.
All aspects of an HTTP conversation are clearly presented: parameters, headers, response times, file sizes, encoding information and more.

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