Hotel 2.0

Crack the case and unveil the mysteries lurking within Bellevue Hotel.
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Join Detective Bridget Brightstone on her mission to solve a baffling mystery concealed within the imposing walls of the Bellevue Hotel! Uncover the secrets of an ancient Egyptian cult as they search for a potent artifact, encounter figures like Marcus Antonius and King Arthur who have fought to safeguard this powerful object, and stand against the malevolent force that seeks to harness its immense powers for world domination. Immerse yourself in the thrilling Adventure game called Hotel.

Help Detective Bridget Brightstone crack the case and reveal the great mystery that lies behind high walls of the Bellevue Hotel! Meet the ancient Egyptian cult in a search of almighty artifact, Marcus Antonius, King Arthur and many others who tried to keep this powerful object hidden away! Stop the evil that is raising from its grave from using the artifact’s powers to conquer the world in Hotel, a fun Adventure game.

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