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HomeImage Effects 1.2

HomeImage Effects is a graphics editing tool for the Mac.

HomeImage Effects is a graphics editing tool for the Mac. It is a very basic editor that allows you to add effects to your pictures and to carry out simple image editing tasks. The main window consists of a big space where your loaded images go, and, to the left, you will see all the available effects. These are divided into categories, and there are three different tabs for better sorting: Standard, 3D and Custom. Under Standard, you will see effects like Gradients, Geometry (affine transform, crop, lanczos scale transform, perspective transform), generators (checkboard, constant color, etc), among others. You can add as many effects as you want to any given pictures, and then save the resulting image. There is a field at the top of the screen where you can save all the effects that you use the most, for quick access.

When you are ready to save the image, you can choose its quality and format. The available formats are SGI, 8BPS, BMPf, JPEG, PNGf, TIFF, TPIC, qTIF and PDF.

All in all, HomeImage Effects is a nice app to add effects to your pictures. It is nothing like other professional editors out there, but for $14.95, it should be enough for basic use.

José Fernández
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