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HipChat is one of the best performing and beautiful apps available.
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We know your team runs just about every operating system, browser, and phone out there. We're committed to not only making HipChat run on these platforms, but be one of the best performing and beautiful apps available.
The desktop app runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux thanks to Adobe AIR. Unlike other AIR apps you may have used, we hand-crafted every pixel to make one gorgeous app that respects your system resources. It starts up with your computer, has custom notifications, drag-and-drop file sharing, and video chat. It'll make you wish more web apps had a desktop app.
Away from your primary computer? Can't install software at work? Think everything should be a web app and nothing will ever change your mind? No problem. The HipChat web app is an near perfect clone of our desktop app and runs on all modern browsers: IE7, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Drag-and-drop file sharing supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
You can also send and receive one-to-one chat messages and receive important notifications on any phone via SMS.

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