Hibari for Twitter 1.5

Hibari is a minimalist Twitter client that aims to make your timeline as useful...
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Hibari is a powerful Mac Twitter app that blocks annoyances and reveals gems.
Block Keywords: Hibari blocks tweets you don't want to see based on keywords you choose. You can also block all retweets.
Mute Users: No more stressing about whether to follow someone-in Hibari, you can temporarily mute any user if their tweets go overboard, saving you from having to unfollow.
Inline Saved Search: Hibari interleaves your favorite search results into your home timeline so you never miss a thing. Your less important searches stay tucked away in the search timeline.
Inline Images: Image links from Twitpic, YFrog, and other services are displayed as thumbnails in your timeline, saving you from visiting the webpage just to see what the image is about.
Tweet Lookup: Trying to remember what somebody tweeted? Use the search field in the toolbar to look up tweets and users in your timeline.
Inline Conversations: Explore threads of replies without ever leaving your timeline.
Other features:
- Hide This Tweet: Easily remove tweets with offensive text or images from your timeline
- Automatic retry of failwhaled Twitter fetches
- Optional Growl notifications
- Inline display of mentions and direct messages as well as separate timelines
- Native retweeting, marking as favorite, and deleting tweets
- Reply All functionality
- Customizable global shortcut to show/hide Hibari
- OAuth compliant
- A minimalistic design that shows you only what you need and is completely ad-free
- Super active development-lots more on the way!

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