Helicon Remote is a utility that automates focus and exposure bracketing.
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Helicon Remote is a utility that automates focus and exposure bracketing. The program changes focus distance by moving the lens with regular steps and takes shots. The stack of images is processed then with Helicon Focus to increase depth of field (DOF).
- Automate focus bracketing
- Automate combined exposure and focus bracketing
- Perform tethered shooting via USB cable
- Calibrate autofocus system
Helicon Remote sends commands to the camera to drive lens. It ensures that shooting is fast, precise and reliable. It is very important if the DOF is very small and you need to make very small focusing steps to cover all the range you need. The speed of shooting is important if the object is not stable and moves from time to time like the flower on the wind. And if you plan to create 3D model from your stack you would surely need many images with shallow DOF and regular distance between them.
Helicon Remote gives very powerful control over exposure bracketing. You are no more limited to 2,-2EV range offered by the camera. You can capture the whole dynamic range which your camera can get. The program allows you to set up a limit for the exposure time to define the point when ISO should be used to increase total exposure value.

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