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Creates secure connections to local networks.
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Connect mobile devices such as MacBooks, iPhones or iPads to local networks without giving away their sensitive data like the IP address and location by establishing a secure VPN connection. The program redirects data requests to a remote server and hides the user identity.

Newer Fritz!Box models of AVM can connect mobile devices like MacBooks, iPhones or iPads to your local network via a secure VPN connection. This way you can use your local NAS devices or servers while travelling – via a VPN-protected connection.
HansVPN is the right software to easily and comfortably create the necessary config file and can, if you want, transfer it to your Fritz!Box right away. Export a config file for iOS devices and transfer it via email. A few taps and the receiving device has fully configured VPN access. A detailed help function directs you through the process of configuring the VPN software on your Mac.
Note: If you encounter problems with HansVPN please contact our support. It doesn't help you and us if you just write a negative review. There is no way we can respond to this.
HansVPN is not a product of AVM, the maker of the Fritz!Box hardware.

• Mac OS X 10.6
• Fritz!Box with VPN support and a firmware version starting at xx.04.74
The models 3270, 3370, 6360 Cable, 6840 LTE, 7240, 7270, 7330 and 7390, for instance, meet these requirements.
You can easily check for yourself if your hardware meets the requirements:
If the configuration GUI of your Fritz!Box offers a "VPN" tab after selecting the menu item Internet->Freigaben (you need to activate Expertenansicht under System->Ansicht first) it does have VPN support.
If your Fritz!Box does have a suitable firmware can easily be seen when comparing version numbers: Version 67.05.05 is eligible because the second number 05 is greater than 04 ist, the third number can be ignored. Version 49.04.58 on the other side is too old. As the seconds numbers are equal the third number has to be greater than 74, which it is not.

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