Gym Log PRO

Gym Log PRO 1.0

Keep track of all your gym workouts quickly and effortlessly.
1.0 (See all)

Gym Log PRO helps you keep track of all your gym workouts quickly and effortlessly. See progress, set goals and stay motivated!
✓ View any date range you like or quickly select the current week, month, or year.
✓ Gym Log PRO lets you explore your training visually, like no other app!
✓ All of your Workouts, along with many gorgeous graphs and stats on one page
✓ Entries & Time graph breaks down your workouts to see how you are improving
✓ Quick Statistics of all of your workouts
✓ All of the graphs are interactive!
✓ Gym Log PRO puts all of your workouts in the way that you decide you want to view them
✓ Choose to breakdown your workouts Daily, Weekly or Monthly
✓ Star your important entries!
✓ Switch to show only your Time or Starred entries
✓ Easily edit any entry
✓ Create as many different workout routines as you like
✓ Multiplicity of icons to choose from to represent your workouts
✓ See how your training break down by category
✓ Rearrange your categories in any order! (Simply drag and drop)
✓ Run Journal makes it extremely easy to manage and personalize your workouts
✓ Gym Log PRO comes with many gorgeous graphs to help you visualize you running
✓ Every graph is interactive!
✓ See exactly where you are spending less time training and start improving immediately
Other Key Features
✓ Password Protection - safeguard your data!
✓ Many Recurring options to choose from
✓ Free Customer Support - answers are just a click away

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