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Capture notes and collect data for various projects.
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Collect information and various materials for different projects. Establish a database, organize entries by category, assign colour labels, and rely on templates to save time. Import and export content manually, save changes to entry data, attach images, graphs, diagrams, etc.

Growly Notes is an application that allows users to store and organize their information quickly and efficiently. The utility offers a generous, well designed interface along with a wide range of features aimed at enhancing your work. It supports the addition of several types of media content like images, documents, audio and video files. Users have full control over the look and feel of each note with the help of templates. What's more, this is completely free to use.

The Scratchpad offers a simple way of structuring your notes. A notebook can store one or multiple notes and all notebooks may be displayed within tabs in the program's main window. When adding new content, users can choose between multiple types of comprehensively grouped up templates. Templates will not only affect the color of the background but in fact the functionality of the note itself. Even more so, users can design their own templates.

The utility allows you to create text shortcuts and bind them to the function keys (F1, F2 etc). This way you can speed up your work when dealing with repetitive text.

Overall, Growly Notes makes for a very flexible and highly customizable information manager. Data is easy to enter, simple to search for and the use of multiple styles makes it very simple to read. At times however, the functions of the utility seem a bit over-bloated and may resemble the ones of a fully fledged text editor.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Allows the addition of multiple types of data into notes
  • Support for templates
  • Free


  • Over-bloated layout functions
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