GPSPhotoLinker 1.6

An application that can add and edit geographic coordinates to your images.

GPSPhotoLinker allows users to embed geographical location data into images. Geotagging comes of great help to all photographers as they can easily find where their photographs were shot. With this tool you can add coordinates either using GPS files or by manually typing them.

Most modern digital cameras save images with EXIF data (they contain shutter speed, exposure values as well as time, date). GPSPhotoLinker is able to read this type of data (photograph and camera related information) and adds geographical coordinates. It supports JPEG, TIFF and RAW digital camera formats and extracts coordinates from GPX and TCX files.

The utility includes three editing modes: single, manual and auto. Single editing is especially designed for individual images and will automatically load all coordinate details from a GPS file. Using the Manual edit you can type in the city, state and location where the photograph was taken. One important feature of the program is its batch processing ability; using this feature you can load multiple image files and batch save a set of coordinates inside.

Most similar applications also include a map for selecting coordinates or displaying GPS tracks. GPSPhotoLinker simply directs you to Google Maps.

The utility comes of great help to all users who upload images to photo sharing servers. It saves the time otherwise spent manually geotagging files one by one and is very simple to use. GPSPhotoLinker could however do with some more automated features (like authentication to photo sharing hosts and batch image upload).

Rory Shaffer
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  • Batch geotagging
  • Organized user-interface


  • Manual coordinates selector via a built-in map and mouse pointer
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