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SupaImage allows you to improve your digital photos by combining the detail of two similar images into one of greater resolution. Or de-interlace two frames of video into one high quality image. Do you have a digital camera, or a webcam that takes stills? Are you happy with the quality of the images is produces? Chances are that you wish they were better, expecially for printing. ImageIP has a solution for you. Just take 2 pictures at the same time, and let SupaImage do the rest. SupaImage(TM) is a simple to use application which uses a unique and complex algorithm (developed by ImageIP) to combine multiple images into a single higher-resolution result. All you need is two similar digital images of the same subject (a view, an object, a portrait). Small differences and movement in the scene are handled by the processing algorithm. You don't need to worry about camera wobble, or using a tripod. It doesn't matter if the wind moves the trees or the dog fidgets. The important thing is that the more similar they are - the better the result. Unless they are identical - in which case there is nothing to gain, so don't try putting the same image into the program as frame1 and 2. There is also an option to enhance the image without increasing the resolution - this is much faster but gives less increase in detail. Really useful for cleaning up noisy compressed images fast. NEW - Interlaced Video sources: If you have an interlaced video frame (such as that saved from a DV camera movie using the free ImageIP tool Quick-Snap) then SupaImage can make a single enhanced image from this - removing all interlacing but preserving the maximum detail.
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