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Turn a series of pictures into a video slideshow without much effort.
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Glimpses can turn a series of photos into a video slideshow. It has such a straightforward interface that is difficult you miss a thing. It all starts by importing pictures, which you can do not only from local folders but also Flickr and Instagram. Next, you can also decide to use a musical background.

It is good that Glimpses supports exporting as 4K video. Moreover, it can also set other resolutions. In this respect, if you use the auto option, it sets the output resolution to fit that of the smallest picture. Besides, you can also configure how long each picture is shown.

Probably the best advantage of Glimpses is that automates much of the process to minimize the necessity of users’ intervention. For instance, it can automatically crop or rescale photographs to prevent black borders. Better still, it can recognize faces to avoid accidentally cropping them. When using an audio background, it can set the time each photo appears on screen in such a way that the duration of the whole slideshow fits that of the song. Similarly, if you decide to use a fixed time for each picture, the soundtrack automatically fades out if the song is longer than the presentation.

When you have finished arranging the source pictures and setting the options, you can proceed to generate the video. Then, you can preview it and even share it by email, messages and notes.

To be honest, Glimpses is far from being the best product of its type I have reviewed. In the first place, it cannot import anything other than pictures, which is a big limitation in times when people not only take still pictures but record videos as well. Besides, it does not support any type of transition or effects. Finally, it can only export as MOV video, as other formats are not allowed.

In general, with all its limitations, Glimpses may be right for you if you do not want to invest much time and effort in creating a photo slideshow. In such case, you may try it and see if it is what you are looking for.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Face recognition
  • Automatic cropping or rescaling of photos
  • Supports using a musical background


  • Only MOV as output format
  • Does not support importing video
  • Does not allow effects or transitions


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