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It can just hide complete folders from others eyes.
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Ghost Sphere can just hide complete folders from others eyes. To archive this goal, the software uses three ways to hide and protect your folders. Your folders are even hidden in Spotlight searches.
Hackers and users with advanced skills could, with particular expertise, recover the invisible folders. However, for the very great majority of users, access to these folders becomes impossible. This is also a good way to protect your folder from being erased or modified by other users like your children.
Ghost Sphere also creates and handles 128 or 256bit AES encrypted Disk Images. These images are hidden, shown, mounted and unmounted by Ghost Sphere. The Encrypted Sparse Disk Images are Apple Standard and grow with the content. If you try to mount them manually the password is required.
Ghost Sphere can apply a special lock on the images to make them unusable in the Finder.
You can install the Mobile Edition from within Ghost Sphere on mobile drives, usb sticks and so on, so that you can access your data even on systems without Ghost Sphere.
A short list of the most important features:
- Easy to use interface
- Chameleon effect
- Automated show/hide function
- Password protected
- 448bit encrypted database
- Build-in help
- Vault creation
- Mobile Edition included

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