Geotagger 2.0

Add geographical tags to your images with simple drag-and-drop actions.
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Geotagger allows users to add geographic coordinates to their images. With this tool you can easily identify the locations where the photographs were taken. It stores GPS related information as EXIF parameters, which may then be read by image viewers or EXIF powered tools.

The application has a fairly intuitive functionality, that is if you already have Google Earth installed. Embedding EXIF data is done by moving the mouse over a location in Google Earth followed by dragging one or multiple JPEG files over the Geotagger application.

If you do not use Google Earth, Geotagger isn't really worth installing. Once the images are tagged, it does not include a viewer for checking results. Moreover, the utility only works with JPEG images unlike other geocoding tools, which support more formats. In spite of all this, Geotagger does work as intended and I was able to add coordinates and check the image with an EXIF Viewer in order to compare the Google Earth selected location with the output. Overall, giving Geotagger a try pretty much revolves around the decision of installing Google Earth for just a single functionality tool.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Drag-and-drop actions supported
  • Can add tags to multiple images at once
  • Simple to use and effective


  • Requires another application for retrieving coordinates (Google Earth)
  • Works only with Jpeg files
  • No viewer included for checking results
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