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Genome Compiler 2.2

All-in-one platform for life scientists which is free for academia users.
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Genome Compiler is an all-in-one platform for life scientists which is free for academia users. Genome Compiler provides a set of intuitive tools for: DNA design and visualization, data management, sharing and collaboration, and seamless DNA ordering. It is available both online and in a downloadable version so you can easily access your data on Genome Compiler from anywhere you are. In addition, the software supports common file formats such as: FASTA, Vector NTI, SnapGene, Geneious, Clone Manager, Serial Cloner, Plasma DNA, ApE, DNAStar, etc. Features Cloning wizards Sequence alignment Automatic sequence annotation Primer design Primers' inventory management RBS Calculator Full genome visualization Combinatorial design Virtual digest and gel electrophoresis results simulation Back translation and codon optimization ORF detection Codon usage optimization
Inside Genome Compiler's Materials Box you can access thousands of sequences, plasmids, and parts from different repositories such as: Addgene, Sigma Aldrich, Synberc, Lucigen, iGEM, Plasmapper, an integrated NCBI search bar (that allows you to instantly import your data from NCBI), and more.

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