GearHead Express 1.3

Free GearHead Express analyzes image libraries to provide stats on cameras & lenses used, discovering most used, identifying underused equipment.
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Get analysis of your images and statistics on your cameras and lenses. Scan your equipment and view most used and underused instruments. The tool displays statistics concerning investment, cost per shot, and filter data based on date ranges and image star ratings. View usage data presented visually with built-in charts and graphs and export GearHead data to CSV, XML, or SQLite.

GearHead Express is a tool that helps you analyze your image libraries and provides statistics on the cameras and lenses used. It supports Aperture Libraries, iPhoto Libraries, and directories of unmanaged images and photographs. Benefits include discovering the most used lenses and cameras, identifying underused equipment, and revealing how you use your equipment such as what kind of pictures you take the most, which lenses you use the most, and when you use the flash.

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