Gamma Control

Gamma Control 6.1

Adjust the gamma settings of your main and connected screens.
6.1 (See all)
Tweak the gamma correction curve of your Mac screen. Adjust the gray balance and black and white points. Apply automatic color balance changes or manually modify the settings and save the correction presets. Work with the main screen as well as with any connected displays.

Gamma Control is a lightweight Mac application that provides you with a very simple way to adjust the gamma correction curve of your screen. This way, you can easily and instantly adjust your screen to any possible condition or ambient with very little effort.

After launching Gamma Control, a small window will appear, from where you can quickly modify the gamma correction of your screen. With the help of this application you can make various adjustments for your screen, such as: modify its gray balance, modify black and white points, as well as manually change the color balance.

Furthermore, Gamma Control allows you to save your gamma correction presets so that you can reuse them whenever you want. This way, you won't have to perform the necessary modifications every time the ambient or lighting condition changes.

A nice thing about Gamma Control is that it doesn't let you change only the gamma correction of your main screen, but also for any display that you might have connected to your system.

Gamma Control proves to be very useful when you need to make corrections for the gamma levels of your display.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Small size
  • Very easy to use
  • Possibility to save presets
  • Real-time modifications


  • The adjustments made with Gamma Control will be reset when using other similar applications
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