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Free Galaxy Battles is a free board and strategy game for Mac.
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Galaxy Battles is a free board and strategy game for Mac. It is basically a mixture of checkers and hex. In this game, you move your pieces from their starting position to the opposite end of the board. A lot of strategy is adopted to win, because you should also prevent your opponent from filling your end of the board. But you can't play defense and win. You can leave one of your pieces behind to prevent your opponent from winning, but you won't gain victory either.

The game can be played against computer opponents or human opponents. You can even set up teams and play with your friends against the computer. The computer opponents are not really worth your time, though. I don't think I have ever seen worse AI in a game. The first time I played it, I was trying to figure out the game, so I made random moves to see what the computer was trying to do. It ended up moving all the pieces it needed to my starting point; all except one. All the computer had to do to win is move a single piece three slots to the left, but it kept on moving that piece left and right, without going for the win, so I started moving my pieces one by one, and I ended up winning, which is ridiculous. It is as if the computer purposely let me win.

The game doesn't have any help or instructions how to play the game, which could come in handy for beginners like me.

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José Fernández
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  • Great music
  • You can play with friends


  • Awful AI
  • No help



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