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Fusio Utility 2.1

Fusio is a simple utility to merge multiple folders into one.
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Fusio is a simple utility to merge multiple folders into one.
No matter how many folders you need combined together, just drag them to the app's icon or drag and drop them in the top table, select a destination, choose a few options, and click Merge. Couldn't be simpler!
The folders' hierarchies will be preserved (you can now also choose to flatten the folders), duplicate files will be skipped (preserving the most recent file based on the modification date) and you can optionally choose to trash the original folders as well as copy or not empty folders. You end up with a clean destination folder that's a perfect merge. Folders and files already existing in the destination folder will remain untouched for safety reasons.
Because we like simple utilities with as little to no preferences, Fusio is a one-window application that will remember your options between launches and even provides instructions directly in its window.
PLEASE NOTE: The destination path has to be within the user's home folder or a folder whose permissions allow for writing in any external hard drive or mounted shares. However it will accept folders from practically anywhere as folders to merge.
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