FretPet 2.1

Dynamic interactive guitar expert and composition system.

FretPet is a powerful sequencing and reference tool for musicians, primarily guitarists. Among its features are a customizable interactive fretboard, various chord and scale selectors, harmonization and transposition creators, and a MIDI sequencer that is capable of integrating with a range of other state-of-the-art sequencing applications.

The primary disadvantage of this program, common among music sequencers, is its opaque user interface. To see whether it was just my own lack of musical prowess that gave me this impression, I gave my brother, who has been playing and composing music for guitar virtually since he was born, a spin with FretPet. (He is no stranger to computers either.) It took quite some time even for him to figure out what was going on at a basic level. But once he did figure it out, he did say he saw how useful it could be. Not enough for him to want to purchase it for his own use, however.

Sam's Protip: Taking a look at the documentation is key for this app. Even then you may be lost if you don't have experience with guitars. Check out the guitar lessons in Garageband if you're intent on learning the real thing from a computer.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Highly customizable; capable of handling "any tuning and position"
  • Documentation provides a tutorial for new users


  • Many separate windows can make for a cluttered interface
  • Hard to use if you're not a guitar veteran
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