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Free Designed after the HP-42S handheld calculator to perform calculations.
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Free42 Decimal is intended to help you make calculations more efficiently. It was designed after the popular HP-42S Scientific Programmable Calculator, so it practically mimics its interface. In this respect, it is good that there will not be too much to learn if you are already familiar with any similar tool.

The application allows using different skins. Two of them come in the installer, but others can be downloaded as well. In this respect, there is the Realistic skin, which looks exactly like the handheld calculator. It is quite convenient that you can keep it on top, for example, when you are typing on your word processor while making calculations.

In terms of available functions, Free42 Decimal supports everything that made its real counterpart a success. So, in addition to common operations, it also allows calculating such functions as sine, cosine, tangent, matrix and many others.

Another advantage Free42 is that it comes with multiple ways to export the results of your calculations. In this regard, it lets you save a given expression, which you can later import. Moreover, it is possible to enable keeping a log of all the operations.

Free42 Decimal is installed together with Free42 Binary, a sister application intended for calculations that use the binary system as a basis. In this respect, I wished they were integrated into a single application, which would allow me to change systems without needing to open another app. more

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  • Nicely resembles the real handheld calculator
  • Allows copying expressions and keeping a log of operations


  • Just a wish, I would like to change systems within the same application



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